Happy Customers’ Testimonials

“I love the eggs from Organigrow. They are so much better than anything we have bought previously – definitely the best!!


“Great colour, best tasting organic free range eggs. My 8yr old even noticed the difference without being told.


“Amazing, tasty eggs from a farmer who has impeccable ethical standards. These guys walk the happy chicken walk!
Great to know you are buying a great product from a high-quality producer.


“Simon runs a great farm where the birds are free to roam during the day, foraging and dust bathing. It was very interesting to see the attention to detail that goes into the egg collection and packing process as well meet some of the staff who work hard to ensure that the birds are looked after and produce quality eggs. Can highly recommend these eggs for their taste, the welfare of the birds, and supporting rural business!


“Congratulations on your farming method and wonderful eggs! I read your pamphlet. It was a pleasure to read, and delightful to have a story behind the eggs. This morning I ate two of your delicious eggs – boiled, with a piece of toast; and for the first time in many years, I did not feel sick & tired afterwards. (I suffer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have many food sensitivities, and for whatever combination of reasons, so-called ‘free-range’ eggs from the supermarket make me feel sick and tired for several hours after eating them).

Love the photos. Am in admiration of your ethics.
Kind Regards,

Jana B.”

“Love your eggs and your website; I particularly love the symbiosis between the chooks and the dogs. Beautiful. We are vegetarian and appreciate that your chooks get their animal protein from insects in the field. From the photos, it doesn’t look as if your hens are de-beaked. Is that the case? I know in Victoria most hens are de-beaked and some growers feel strongly that it is important. What do you think?


We replied to this customer that we have never and will never debeak our hens as this is not necessary, cruel and contravenes organic standards.

“Hello everyone at Organigrow,

Thought I would let you know that I am a devotee to your eggs.
I’ve been buying them for a while now (months) and I don’t mind paying the extra for them as I find them really tasty and I love the fact that they are “Organic Free Range”. I never really knew what that all meant, I would buy them for the fact that they were Organic FR but I sat down this morning here on the Gold Coast and read all about your farm and how the hens are raised etc. I will educate my children about this as well. I really detest the fact of buying any other eggs that are not yours so I guess I need to spread the word now.!!!!


“I bought fresh eggs and raw jersey milk at an organic farm in New Holstein Wisconsin owned by Kay and Wayne Craig, www.grasswayorganics.com, over a two months period recently. Those eggs were excellent, orange coloured yolks and tasted extra good and I eat them raw.

Your eggs are bigger and just as good. They were purchased at The Organic Food Network at Brookvale NSW.

Last Saturday the eggs for sale were Bio-Dynamic “Glenrose”. They are pale and do not taste very good, but are well within the use by date. They boast an enhanced organic method with all the features on your packet. Something is different. Maybe their hens are concentrating too hard trying to stack them neatly in the egg rack holders.