Why Organigrow Organic Eggs are the Best

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August 21, 2018

Why Organigrow Organic Eggs are the Best

July 12, 2018
With an increased number of Organic and Free-Range egg brands now available on the market, why should you be choosing Organigrow eggs over other organic and free-range eggs?

Simon’s passion for organics is an unbeatable advantage for consumers. This blog discusses how the happy hen’s home and management processes elevate Organigrow above and beyond many of the minimum Organic Certification standards, and why you can be confident that purchasing and consuming Organigrow eggs is a truly ethical, quality and healthy choice.

Small Density Housing

Organic certification standard is 2,500 hens per hectare. Organigrow has approximately 600 per hectare, meaning no chance of crowding, boredom, restricted movement or discomfort for the birds.

Large Runs

With the exception of baby chicks, who initially need to be in a temperature-controlled and prey protected environment, Organigrow hens are never kept in sheds. They see the natural light of day every day and can be in the fresh air wandering and foraging any time they want throughout their life.

The runs were purpose built to be larger than organic certification minimum standards and include shade trees and shrubs for the hens. The shade trees and shrubs provide the hens a natural and more comfortable environment, especially on warmer days. Tree roots and mulch are also ideal for foraging any time of the year.


Simon also deep mulches the runs to help protect the ground quality for the hens when there is heavy or ongoing rain. This mulch is also perfect for the hens’ love of scratching and foraging.

No Debeaking

Organigrow does not buy day old de-beaked chicks and does not de-beak any on the farm. We feel this practice is barbaric as the beak is where the most senses are to enable a hen to forage. Sadly, many free-range and organic farms do still de-beak.

Wandering the Farm

The hens have access to almost the entire Organigrow farm. Outside of the run’s trees and shrubs, the hens also enjoy the benefits of the farm’s abundant citrus, mango, pecan and many other trees and shrubs that provide sun and rain shelter, prey protection and double up as foraging fun.

Hen happiness is a vital contributor to producing quality eggs. Foraging is what chooks are happy doing all day. Foraging reduces the chance of boredom and consequently the inclination to start pecking each other. Organigrow hens just spend their days happily wandering, scratching and foraging over the farm. Not de-beaking enables the hens to forage successfully, and having the space and environment keeps them busy and happy.

Retired Hens

We receive many enquiries as to what happens to older hens no longer used for laying. Sadly, there always comes a run age when the shell and egg quality deteriorate. Low quality shells are unacceptable for commercial egg production. They break easily which potentially causes cross contamination and consequently is dangerous for human consumption. Organigrow hens are retired to become pampered pets for backyarders wherever possible as they still produce good eggs suitable for private consumption for many months afterwards.

Human Choice Certified

Simon’s passion for organics and the prevention of cruelty to animals has also led him to be one of very few egg farmers to seek and receive the coveted Humane Choice certification. This certification is over and above Australian Certified Organic.

Solar Power

The farm is 95% run from the sun thanks to the solar system installed a couple of years ago. Add this to the many trees Simon has planted on the farm and Organigrow is proud to be not just carbon neutral but carbon positive!

Are the eggs you currently buy certified true free-range, organic and humane choice? When buying Organigrow eggs you can be confident that you are buying are not just the best quality free-range organic eggs but also ethical and humane.

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